10 September 2009

CHAPTER1 VeRO : VeRO บทที่หนึ่ง

หลังจากที่อีเบย์ใจดีกับผม ให้หยุดพักร้อน 1 อาทิตย์ไปแล้ว กลับจากเตร็ดเตร่ก็ยังแจกจ่ายบทเรียนให้ได้ไปประดับหัวขี้เลื่อยได้อีก แหม๊ใจดี๊ ใจดี

เอาหล่ะ นักเรียน! วันนี้เราจะมาเรียนเรื่อง Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) กัน เคยได้ยินชื่อนี้ไม๊ครับ? เห็นทำหน้างงๆ เอาข้อสอบไปทำเลยแล้วกัน

ไอ้เราก็ติดนิสัยตอนเรียนมหาลัย ถ้าใครทำข้อสอบก่อนต้องมีโพยออกมาให้เพื่อนด้วย ผมก็ไม่พลาด จดออกมาให้เพื่อนๆ ด้วย ใจดีกว่านั้นอีก แนบเฉลยให้ด้วย แต่ถูกผิดไม่รู้นะ เพราะผมเฉลยเอง ฮา...


Question: 1 of 14
When listing something for sale on eBay, which of the following is acceptable to do?
b.Describe the item in your own words, then post the listing with pictures you took

Question: 2 of 14
Emma wrote her own item description and took her own pictures, but she copied factual information from the manufacturer's technical specifications (length, weight, etc.). Is this against the law or against eBay policy?
Answer : No

Question: 3 of 14
Paula was very careful not to copy a manufacturer's photo or item description into her listing. But she found another eBay seller whose pictures she liked, and decided to use those in her listing instead. Is this acceptable?
Answer : No

Question: 4 of 14
Rachel bought a used handbag at a car boot sale, and she decided to resell it on eBay. Because the label was missing from the handbag, Erica described it as "looks like it might be a Burberry." - Is this description allowed by eBay rules?
Answer : No

Question: 5 of 14
Alex has a collection of fake Gucci watches. The watches are made to look like real Gucci watches, and even have Gucci's logo on them. When is it acceptable for Alex to list a fake item on eBay?

Question: 6 of 14
It's acceptable to list software on eBay as long as I don't do which of the following:
d.It's acceptable as long as I don't do any of the above

Question: 7 of 14
John made a copy of a film using his DVD burner. He tried to sell it on eBay, but eBay removed his listing. Why would eBay have removed the listing?
c.Because selling home-copied films without permission is illegal

Question: 8 of 14
eBay cancelled my listing, but similar listings are still on the site. This could be because
a.eBay has not discovered or been notified by a rights owner about the other items

Question: 9 of 14
Sally sells shoes in her eBay Shop. One of her best-selling items is a shoe that is very sturdy, like Doc Martens boots. Where in the listing is it usually OK for Sally to compare the functionality of her shoe to Doc Martens?
b.In the listing description only

Question: 10 of 14
Ryan received an email from eBay telling him that a rights owner reported his listing to eBay, and that eBay had removed the listing. Ryan feels confident that the rights owner made a mistake. Is it acceptable for Ryan to write to eBay, explain the issue, and then re-list his item?
Answer : No

Question: 11 of 14
Richard's item was removed from eBay at the request of a Verified Rights Owner (VeRO). Even after reading the rights owner's About Me page, Richard still thinks the rights owner may have made a mistake. He asked the rights owner for more information. After waiting 5 business days, the rights owner had not responded. What should Richard do?
c.Tell eBay his problem, then ask eBay to help him reach the VeRO member

Question: 12 of 14
Sarah knows that the jewellery she's selling is authentic, but is worried that her jewelry's manufacturer might see her listing and think it's fake. Sarah has a copy of the receipt from when she purchased the jewellery, and shows a picture of the receipt in her listing (after she's blacked out any personal information). Is this a good idea?
Answer : Yes

Question: 13 of 14
When selling on eBay, which of the following is important to do if you want to respect intellectual property rights, like trade marks, copyrights, and patents?
d.All of the above

Question: 14 of 14
Why can my listings be cancelled when other similar listings are still up?
e.c and d

ยินดีด้วย! ตอนนี้คุณมีความรู้ไปประดับสมองแล้ว ขอให้คุณขายของต่อไปได้ และขอให้หลีกเลี่ยงสินค้าละเมิดทรัพสินทางปัญญานะจ๊ะ ..

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